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2020-21 President's Letter

From NCRS President John M. Holbert, MD, FACR

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to thank Dr. John Nichols for his service as President of the North Carolina Radiological Society and recognize how well he navigated myriad challenges in this time of the COVID-19 epidemic. Now those challenges have passed to me.

The North Carolina Radiological Society is effective, because it is a network of caring radiologists working together to diagnose and treat those in their communities. My charge will be to maintain the impact of that social group in this time of social distancing.

The best way to close social distance during an epidemic is telecommunication.  Radiologists, perhaps more than any other medical specialty, have embraced technology. Our younger members, particularly our residents, have shown themselves to be especially technologically adept. I would like to call on all of us to leverage our know-how to help make us a stronger, even more successful North Carolina Radiological Society. 



John M. Holbert, MD, FACRPresident, NCRSWinston Salem, NC


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