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The Silver Medal is the highest honor of the North Carolina Chapter of the American College of Radiology.

Previous Silver Medal winners include:


2021     Andrew Wu, MD, FACR

2019     Robert Schaaf, MD, FACR

2016     Christopher Ullrich, MD, FACR

2009     Dale Shaw, MD, FACR

2008     Arl Van Moore, MD, FACR

2004     William Thorwarth, MD, FACR

2002     John Johnsrude, MD, FACR

1999     Douglas Maynard, MD, FACR

1995     Isadore Meschan, MD, FACR*

1994     Hal Owsley, MD, FACR*

1993     Stewart Mooring, MD, FACR*

1993     James Scatliff, MD, FACR

1992     Robert Lackey, MD, FACR

1992     Ernest Spangler, MD, FACR


Silver Medals
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